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Jan 1, 2013 6:00am EST
. the experience, she tried to correct it and was ignored by cnn and voice of america. every news outlet around the world published the picture. the revolutionaries accused per of trying to steal the symbol of their darling, their hero, a person that was doing so much to mobilize the revolution. then the iranian government came in and said i want you to say that you are still alive and that this never happened and that you would never do that. we will probably charge you with treason and kill you. she talks about how she had to live with the other in her mind. it is always with her. it is not humble, but there's no point in having people in and then talking through it. we got through in a way that any listener could understand. every time i feel that i can take a stranger and make them familiar to the listener, i am really proud of that interview. i wish we had more individuals on the show unless discussion of trends and policies and lawsuits. everything that goes through the media, i have to have very clear at stake so the program does not become a boring, specialist program. people understand
Jan 1, 2013 1:00am EST
talking heads, but then there are the problems that cnn is facing. they do journalism, and they are in big trouble. >> they have not done journalism in a long time, at least not the domestic cnn. international's cnn is quite good. the domestic cnn has really gone for a lot of bells and whistles, and i cannot say that they are head and shoulders above the rest. nbc at least has the power of nbc behind it. cnn's sometimes does inspiring work. it is still very good sometimes, but, you know, it is something to do that kind of work. on broadcast? >> yes. >> the show that we get most often likened to for better or worse is the daily show. >> which is a high honor. >> which is a high honor, but our intent is quite different, but it is, it pays a wise or with tone or something, it just reminds people of the daily show. if you have not heard it, you are not going to be laughing out loud. >> given the fact that you are open about having the tone, deface any issues -- well, npr is just a distribution network for you. >> they have problems with it. they have had problems with it. they are kind of used
Jan 26, 2013 6:00am EST
to understand. i do a lot of cnn. i talked to democratic strategists. i talked to people who are practitioners. they barely broke a sweat. i thought romney did very well in that one debate, and they were not arrogant. they were confident. they had a plan of action. every day, they showed up to work, sometimes they were still at work, and put one foot in front of the other and eight by day, for 12 months, 20 months, they implemented that plan of action. the work was tedious. the work is drudgery sometimes. it is boring. it is cold outside, it is hot outside. the work is not glamorous. the goal was glamorous to them. the goal was to reelect barack obama. i think a lot of people on our side got caught up in the glamour of the process. we need to be willing to do the work. they have always been the worker bees. you can see that this time. they raised all this money. the old saying is very true in politics as well as foolish wealthy men -- the fastest way to make a small fortune into a very large one and waste most of it. that is what happens in politics. you have much money and not enough apprecia
Jan 14, 2013 10:00am EST
cnn this weekend, a column that might agree with some of the comments the caller was just making. host: we will bring in ken, from albion, michigan, on the democratic line. caller: i wanted to make a comment about violent media during commercials. you are watching a show that does not having any violence in its, and then you go to commercials and the gaming industry might show call of duty, or a trailer for an upcoming movie that is extremely violent, even though the content you are watching has no violence in it. you are bombarded during the commercials. host: you are saying that you cannot avoid the violence even when you try? caller: correct. host: what needs to be done? ratings on commercials? caller: i think that they need to curb that as far as it is allowed to be shown during certain tv show programs. host: i want to bounce this comment from the mercurial entertainment association in the story from "the washington times." host: you disagree? you think it needs to be more regulation? caller " no, not in terms of what is being sold -- caller: no, not in terms of what is being sold
Jan 4, 2013 2:00pm EST
about our next debater. his flagship global affairs overam on cnn is seen in 200 countries worldwide but he is anything but a talking head on cable tv. he rights a highly respected column for "the washington post" and is the editor-at-large of "time" magazine. his numerous best selling books include "the post-american world" and "the future of freedom." please welcome back to the munk debate stage, broadcaster and journalist, fareed zukaria. we are just moments from getting our debate underway but before we hear from opening statements, once again, i'm going to need this audience's assistance as the night goes on to make sure our debaters stay on time in terms of their opening and closing remarks and that we move forward as a debate together so you will see this countdown clock, this handy clock, appear. when it reaches zero, applaud. this will let our debaters know their time is over for opening and closing statements. let's see how the 3,000 people gathered today in roy thompson hall voted on our resolution, be it resolved, the world cannot tolerate an iran with nuclear weapons. th
Jan 11, 2013 2:00pm EST
the future of u.s.-afghan relations. that is live at 5:30 eastern on cnn. u.s. army colonel michael meese spoke earlier this week about kevin terrorism. he is a former deputy chief of staff to general david petraeus. he also founded the combating terrorism department at west point, where he teaches. he spoke at the world affairs council for just over an hour. [applause] >> is truly an honor to be here with the alabama affairs council. general cleveland, all of the distinguished members of the alabama world affairs council, it is great to be here at the museum. it is the first time i have ever been to montgomery, so i greatly appreciate the invitation. general cleveland is nothing if not persistent in coming after speakers. the first time he called me, i was in afghanistan, he wondered why i cannot come back here to do this. being a distinguished graduate of the u.s. military academy class of 1949, and a's during r, and to think it was 60 years ago last september, if i get the history right, that general cleveland became an ace, it is truly remarkable, so please join me in thanking him for
Jan 25, 2013 8:00pm EST
to understand. i do a lot of cnn, the democratic strategist the i am on with, they barely broke a sweat. they felt that romney did very well in that one debate. they were not arrogant, they were confident. they had a plan of action. every day, they showed up to work. they put 1 foot in front of the other. day-by-day, 14 months, 20 months, they implemented the plan of action. the work was tedious. the work is drudgery. it is boring, it is cold outside, the work is not glamorous, but the goal was glamorous. the goal was to reelect barack obama. we need to be willing to do the work. we have always been the worker bees. we raced all of this money. the fastest way to make a small fortune is to have a very large one and a waste most of it. that is what happens in politics. you have too much money and not enough appreciation for utilization of grass-roots techniques. pay attention to what the other side is doing. this looks really smart. if nobody has seen its, you learn very quickly, what this plan was from the obama people from the left. the next time the mainstream media tells you which rep
Jan 18, 2013 2:00pm EST
. there are a number of civic-minded things we can do. >> cnn. how many law-enforcement agencies and offices will be involved in security security on the day of the inauguration? and how large of an area will be closed off? >> i want to apologize for saying it was morning when it was actually afternoon. we cannot go into detail as far as how many law enforcement officers will be present for the inauguration. could you repeat your second question question m? >> how large of an area will be closed off question mark >> i can touch base with you afterwards to provide those. >> [indiscernible]>> with all of vents that happen on the capitol complex, we trained constantly to address them. as far as specific threat, i cannot answer that. just know that the united states capital lease, with our law enforcement parsing the -- law enforcement partners, have trained for issue any issues tht might come up. >> two logistical questions. there are credentials for roaming outside of the mall on the capital area. what does nothat get you that te public cannot get question mar? and does everyone have to go aro
Jan 25, 2013 10:30pm EST
msnbc or cnn or the three networks and a whole host of websites that do a good job of policing media bias. as political leaders at magazines like "national review" we should emphasize more on what our plans are for america than being media critics. >> i follow the news a little bit but i'm confused. is the afghanistan war over? and did we win? was it worth fighting? is it over? >> it is not over if you ask the 68,000 troops that are still there tonight. they are probably fighting at this moment. did we win? it is hard to know if you listen to the president because he has banished win, loss, from his vocabulary. wars don't end. wars are won or they are lost. physical you don't win the war, you will never win the peace which is the what the president said he wants to do. we only won "the peace" in japan because we destroyed our enemies and we achieved unconditional surrender. in the nature of counterinsurgency you're not going to have that kind of moment. the war is winnable as iraq was. i worry that the president's decision will snatch the feet from the jaw's of decision. i think they
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)